Are Leads The Lifeblood of All Success?

Leads Leads Leads and more Leads

I can’t stress enough that leads are the life blood of all success.

Ask yourself this?… if you were giving away gold bricks out in the middle of Utah, far, far away from anyone and you built a brick mortar store, had a huge neon sign that lite up the desert sky … would you have success?

In marketing there are two ways to have success

  1.  Attraction Marketing
  2.  Prospecting

Attraction Marketing is when you have a way to allow the viewer to relate to you, whether you are the attraction or you have a product or service.

People generally have a a problem and if you can show them through your marketing that YOU have the solution to their problem, well then most people join you, or buy your product or service.

eg: you will see on TV how all the car companies advertise to us by showing us how much fun we’ll have driving their product down that country trail somewhere. Or that truck and how much easier it would to do that tough job be if we were to just buy their product.  Think about it!

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  1.  Attraction Marketing
  2.  Prospecting

Prospecting is all together different it means you need to find people by contacting them and offer them something they MAY be interested…this is a numbers game…simple as that!!!

This where this article comes to my reason for writing this copy. You will need to build a LARGE list of people that might want what you are offering at that time in their life that may also serve to meet their needs.

So how to build a large list of prospects? here’s what I found that seems to be a great way to do so…

I came across a company that offers 100 leads everyday that you keep you membership and the cost is $1 a day….that’s cheap and they are real active people.

So if you Don’t have a Large list have a look at this offer   Click Here

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