Do People Still Buy Newspapers

Running an Ad in the local or National Newspaper is it Smart?

Well let’s look at what’s happening in the US and see if it is smart to spend money on an ad to build your business online , placing ads in your local or national news print.

In the United States their are approximately 1280 newspaper firms, now that is a decline of around 1740 since 1970. But that is still a good number being that would make 1 Newspaper for every 222,000 people.

Living near a city of exactly that population makes sense for me to run an ad in my local newspaper.

Here are some of the top newspapers in the US.

  1. The New York Times. …
  2. Washington Post. …
  3. USA Today. …
  4. Houston Chronicle. …
  5. The Wall Street Journal. …
  6. Chicago Tribune. …
  7. Los Angeles Times. …
  8. New York Post.

I didn’t hyperlink the web addresses simply because to run an ad in the NY Times for a week in the Home Business market is…  Click Here and see it is very expensive.

These guys at Wolf Enterprises  and I’ve used them in the past, you can get into a small magazine and I don’t want to say that it’s not effective, It is all about testing and can become very expensive to find out that your ad is NOT working.

It is a lot easier to do this online, a day or two and if your tracking your ads, then you’ll know whether they are working or not.

Now I bet your wondering why I’m writing this article about running ads in newspaper and telling you it can be expensive….  Well because it is, if you have a big ad budget and can afford to place a number of ads and test to see what works then I Highly recommend Wolf Enterprises and all the power too you.  But wait!

Here is what I’ve learned to be a lot more effective and will save you money in the long run.

I’ve found this simple little site that places ads throughout the United States and allows us to buy a spot that we have control of our ad….we can adjust it in real time, so we can test.

Here’s how it works watch video below…

Get more details: Get Started

Now my hope for you is to help you succeed in the Online Business world.

All the Best



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