Ross Perry  I just wanted to share with you a little bit about myself and my online experience. I’m a happily married man to Sharon of 41 years, also a father of three great grown children and also blessed to have four very active grand-kids.

Where my Wife Sharon and I Live

We own a beautiful 148 acreage 30 minutes north of Regina Saskatchewan. Summers we work our orchard of different fruit trees like Haskaps, Raspberry, Apple, Gooseberry and of course Strawberries…yum

Work Online my action plan to wealth

I started in MLM or network marketing about 40 years ago with a company that mostly sold soap about 6 products, which you had to order directly from the company and that took about 3-4 weeks…. meanwhile customers forgot they ordered and had no money when you went to deliver….hmm

We kept our head up and slowly built our down-line and started to build an inventory…. WOW    that was tough….raising kids at the same time it got really tough to keep up and once you ran out of friends and family…. they had heard enough.  …. yes a lot of you might know the story…

Over the years I dabbled in selling vacuums to life insurance and even cars…..nothing was easy or worked that well.

Then along came the internet…..WOW.  …you 20, 30 and even young 40-year-olds sure have it made now….

I just knew this was for me and about four years ago I started and built a down-line of over 3300 people personally sponsored, and every second day or so I’d have someone upgrade and presto….I got paid….

When that happens it is a lot of fun and of course sure keeps things moving along ….well guess what happened next…  you guessed …the owner of the site and all of my down-line…  ….GONE!!!

I’m NOT writing this to make you feel sorry for me…no… I’m writing this so you know it is possible…. there are NO Guarantees in life.

Only opportunity and I decided that once bitten twice shy has never been my thing…..so I’m here writing this and have to say that for me I’ve put together a plan of action to build myself and for my family…. hence …MyActionPlanToWealth

Ross A Perry and Sharon J Perry
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