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Are Leads The Lifeblood of All Success?

Leads Leads Leads and more Leads

I can’t stress enough that leads are the life blood of all success.

Ask yourself this?… if you were giving away gold bricks out in the middle of Utah, far, far away from anyone and you built a brick mortar store, had a huge neon sign that lite up the desert sky … would you have success?

In marketing there are two ways to have success

  1.  Attraction Marketing
  2.  Prospecting

Attraction Marketing is when you have a way to allow the viewer to relate to you, whether you are the attraction or you have a product or service.

People generally have a a problem and if you can show them through your marketing that YOU have the solution to their problem, well then most people join you, or buy your product or service.

eg: you will see on TV how all the car companies advertise to us by showing us how much fun we’ll have driving their product down that country trail somewhere. Or that truck and how much easier it would to do that tough job be if we were to just buy their product.  Think about it!

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  1.  Attraction Marketing
  2.  Prospecting

Prospecting is all together different it means you need to find people by contacting them and offer them something they MAY be interested…this is a numbers game…simple as that!!!

This where this article comes to my reason for writing this copy. You will need to build a LARGE list of people that might want what you are offering at that time in their life that may also serve to meet their needs.

So how to build a large list of prospects? here’s what I found that seems to be a great way to do so…

I came across a company that offers 100 leads everyday that you keep you membership and the cost is $1 a day….that’s cheap and they are real active people.

So if you Don’t have a Large list have a look at this offer   Click Here

Ross Perry




Do safe-lists really work or are they a waste of time

Leads, Leads, Leads!
Become a member of one the Largest Safe-list Memberships Today Very responsive members

Can safe-lists make the difference

Well that’s a good question and here’s the answer…depends…how dedicated you are at placing ads and sending your offers on a regular schedule.

You need to constantly sending your offer. Think about this… when you are watching TV and let’s say it’s a football game or baseball or whatever, do you see an ad for McDonald’s or a Ford truck ad at least 3-6 times during the game? ..Yup and do we already know that they sell hamburgers at McDonald’s or sell trucks at Ford…So why do they spend millions of dollars advertising to us who already know that they exists?

Because we need to see it over and over to take action…to remind us that we need their product.

That’s the power of suggestion.

Okay a quality safe-list will work the same same way and keep you in the game.

How do Safe-lists work

Liked minded people like you and I join to advertise our product/offer in a safe way to each other in a hope that the person reading joins or buy the offer.

Here the kicker… most of the time the emails aren’t even read by members and that’s ok because people that are searching for something WILL find your offer when the timing is right for that person.

It’s a numbers game. You need to be very diligent in sending to safe-lists as this does two things.

  1.  It exposes your offer and other members see you busy working and subconsciously they wonder how you are doing, then one day they quit mentally at what their doing and accept your offer.
  2.  Seen enough times like ads on TV will make them go ahead and read your offer.
  3. Persistence is everything, you must send if you are wanting to be successful.

Join and then what

You must get good at writing an ad and as you may think reading this article I can’t write so good…well I have done allot of emails and ads etc… and I know when I started I was not that good and I’m still learning but, I think you get better as time goes on. It must because proof tells me so cause you are reading this right now…Right LOL

Quality Safe-list are you best choice

I’ve put together one’s I use that I’m an affiliate of and here you will see my affiliate link…please notice that my username is the same (where possible)f or these list and I did that on purpose to brand myself in the link

  1.                over 80,000 members
  2. AdTactics                                    35,000 members
  3. FreeSafeList Mailer              46,700

Tools for sending to Safe-lists

This is a huge time saver the Safe-List Genie  makes sending and reading emails a must have tool in your business.

How to use Safe-lists

Once you join simply send your offer to the other members, which in turn they send back to you through the safe-list site. Be sure to join with a email setup two one for the list you receive emails from because as you see the members count above you WILL get a lot of emails…but don’t let that scare you as after you read them the Safe-list Genie deletes them automatically…see why it’s a must have?

In closing with this article the question do Safelists work…Yes as long as you use them properly.


Ross A Perry and Sharon J Perry
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Ross and Sharon

Learn How a Mother of 2 Working Full-time Retires at 43

See Results of How to Build An Online Digital Business

Andrea had worked for WestJet Airlines for 23 years and thought that was her way to help raise her two children and provide for them for another 15 years.

“I liked working for them,  money was decent , but I was getting burnt out and was really looking for something that would allow me to spend more time with them”.

Looking around online was scary because where do I start?

Being patient and willing to do my do diligence I decided that building a Digital Business was my best option.

Retirement is Closer Than You Think

I’ve got to ask are you where you want to be right now financially?….

Is it possible to look at a way to make an extra income, or replace your income now?…  just like Andrea

Do you have what it takes to go that extra mile and see if it is possible to do so…well I know Andrea is and boy is she on her way to building her wealth plan.

What can you do to improve you financial well being

Like Andrea we have been looking around online and YES it is scary, how ever once you see success happening with certain criteria being meet it makes it a lot less and scary.

We wanted something that was easy to follow and trained us using a system that was duplicate able and if we were coach able and worked step by step we could succeed.

Luckily for US we meet Andrea and seen what she was doing and once we learnt how we could have the success she and hundreds of other were having we jumped in with both feet and haven’t looked back.

Are we glad we did!!!

Now it’s your turn to turn… look at we are doing register for a free webinar and see if it’s a good fit for you and your family.

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See you on the inside…

Ross and Sharon