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Can You Make Money Online?

Yes you can… sell Digital Products, either your own product or someone else’s. Creating your own product is very lucrative, it is a lot of work and Time and Lastly a lot of money and 1 question?… what if nobody wants to buy your product?

I’ve found a for me selling other people’s product has worked for me and it can work for you too!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Find a product
  2. Ask for permission to sell that product
  3. Once approved now advertise that product
  4. Always sell to a WARM market, if you can
  5. Build a list people that want what you are selling
  6. Keep your list happy, so they open your email when you send them an offer.
  7. Rinse and Repeat

Sounds pretty easy right? … well it can be done and I do it all the time, but the reason I use this method is this…to build my Online Digital Business.


You see I need to make money to use for advertising on Facebook to promote what is my main business that will allow us to retire with a residual income that will provide my Time Freedom.

I have no need to become a Billionaire, just enough to live the life style my wife and I have become accustom too and have more time to travel and see family all over the country.

What’s your Dream?


  1. Join  –  Lead Gen Secret 

This system give you 100-200 leads everyday, Real people you can send them to either LeadGenSecret

Plus you can mail leads right from the members area.

100 x 30 days is 3000 a Month Leads                                3000 x 12 = 36,000 Leads yearly, people who want to make money online.

2.  Join Twice Confirmed Traffic

Twice Confirmed Traffic what they do is run email leads through a system to get sales then, and only then if they are fruitful, you as a member can send traffic to those leads. Here’s WHY this is so powerful!!!

ALL you do is add anything you want to the back office members area, then TCT send traffic to your offer and as you make money.

I got in, but they are limiting how many can join… take your time…but HURRY…

3.  Join –  News Papers Alive

Now this is really kool, what these guys do is advertise to ALL Newspapers all over the USA and Canada. they have several webpages that they advertise with and redirect to your ad after the people go to NPA webpage.

Again you can advertise anything you want…BUT here’s what we are doing.


All these programs have a 5 level affiliate program that build your a residual income also. Win Win…

We take the leads we get from LeadGenSecret with the  in-house mailer we  send out email promoting either NewsPapersAlive, or TwiceConfirmedTraffic  they both provide great professional ad copy for your emails. In TCT we go to Clickbank and advertise different programs we make commissions on and they send us checks, we then spend some of that money to run ads for our main program in step 4

4.  Join Us – See our Online Digital Business

We have a Training members area that teaches you how to achieve success online with Facebook, and we offer personal coaching along with mentor-ship and a 90% Done-for-you system that is completely automated.

We have Average Everyday people like yourself earning a full-time income… 5-6 figures a month. Truly is a REAL Opportunity and We Love IT!!!

Either way works for Us and will do so for you too!!

Become an Action Taker and Start something special for you and your family.

Ross and Sharon

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