Use Other People Lists

Why Is This The Best Way To Build List

It’s pretty simple…it’s a list that someone has nurtured for most likely many years.

People make a full-time income by simply renting out their list of people interested and looking for opportunities and You can Cash in on that.

Go Here… but before you do here’s what I found and how I use this service to build my list and make an income from this service.

Once you join for free, check out the sellers and look at what they offer and even contact them and ask them by sending what you want to achieve and see what they think. The better sellers will tell you that their list will, or will not respond to your offer.

I have to tell this up front, contact a number of the sellers, look at their rating, if good then after they think you will have success, do a small test of 100.

Your ad copy also must be something that draws people into having a look at what you are offering.

Site also has a how to video….watch it!

After you have done a few tests with a few sellers go with one, two sellers where the sales and op tin’s are 35-45% or higher (Optin)

After that your autoresponder will do the work for you.

Again get started here


Ross A Perry


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